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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> a police officer and pedestrian are in the hospital after an accident on connecticut avenue northwest near l street. it's a busy intersection and news 4's jackie bensen is there live. jackie? >> jim, was there a lot of confusion about this because one of the first responding officers was on his bicycle down there as well as a passerby lay their bicycle down to try to help and there was some initial misinformation that this was a bicyclist who was struck. we are now told by police that it was a pedestrian. a man walking across the street carrying a briefcase. he was in the crosswalk. we do not know at this time whether or not he was crossing with the light. that man was struck by the window, apparently, of the police cruiser by one of the side view windows. a short time ago we talked to lieutenant ronald wilkins of the
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d.c. department and he's part of the accident reconstruction here. here's how he described what happened. >> the officer made an evasive man euver to try to avoid the pedestrian and it appears he sideswiped the mirror and knocked the pedestrian down and the car went up on the median and came to rest on the median. ? lieutenant wilkins did tell us and you can see they're doing it in front of us, investigators are trying to determine which way the lights were, if the pedestrian was crossinga against the light and where everything was and we want to tell you that the officer, as you see the vehicle it hit the median pretty hard and the officer had been taken to a local hospital and he is being treated for injuries that are described as nonlife threatening and again, police will also talk to witnesses and people were here at the time. back to you. jackie bensen. it's a good idea to check the tags on an uber car.
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a woman thought she was getting into an uber car and instead she got into the wrong car and was sex ually assaulted. darcy spencer has more on what happened next. >> reporter: pat, definitely a frightening situation. that sexual assault victim ran to a house right here on mccomb street looking for help early saturday morning. i was able to speak to the man who answered the door and she was very distraught and he called police to get her help here right away. we know that this young victim ended up here on mccomb street near the national cathedral between 3:30 and saturday mofshing, but we're not sure where she got that car or if she had used the uber app. >> she mistook a four-door car for hire, and when she got in, the man, the driver sexually assaulted her at knife point. we spoke to a neighbor today who was very concerned about young
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women, including her daughter using car for hire services. >> with these people, make sure to check their license plate when it's dark. it is not easy, but it must be done. it must be done because a lot of people use -- young people use uber. >> reporter: for more safety information go to the nbc washington app and use the car for hire safety. coming up at 6:00, this sort of mishap happens more often than you might think. i talked to a woman today who twice had been mistaken by an uber driver. >> we'll see you then. >> right now iran is revealing very little about the washington post reporter convicted in an espionage trial. officials in iran will say which charge rezaian will be found guilty of. one or four of the charges.
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he faces up to 20 years according to iranian media and he's accused of writing a letter to president obama and by giving information to hft ilgovernments and res airn has denied the accusation and has 20 days to appeal. >> tragedy in prince william county and an 11-year-old is dead after hitting a tree. the boy crashed on a dirt track in manassas ask news 4's dan collins is there trying to learn more about the boy and exactly what happened. pat? >> reporter: it happened about a half-mile down this road on a piece of property at the end of cabin branch court and he did what he liked to do best, riding dirt bikes with his dad. >> colby thomas smith and police say he was killed when he was thrown from a dirt bike and
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struck a tree and he was with her father and his friend when it happened and he said he's wearing a helmet on cabin branch court in manassas and people routinely ride dirt bikes. the accident happened about 1:30 afternoon and they say the young boy hit a mound, and was thrown out of the seat and hit another mound which threw him into the tree. hear now from sergeant jonathan perock. >> we don't have an indication that it's anything, but a tragic accident and it's a sad set of circumstances. >> and maybe a warning to others. >> he's 11 years old so you have to be cautious when they're using these types of development, because they can't be obviously, deadly and dangerous. >> again, police describe what happened here simply as a tragic
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accident. now back to you. >> thank you, pat. >> a man who crashed a stolen car into a fence at fort meade now faces more than a dozen traffic charges and anne arundel issued a warrant charging 41-year-old dante small and small slammed into an unmanned gate and spent hours hiding in a storm drain. charges range from driving with a revoked license and trying to elude police. they're home, local teens running search and rescue missions and northern virginia reporter david culver is in chantilly where the group is reunited with family. behind me, you can see lovered ones eagerly awaiting task force one. they spent a week of flood-ravaged south carolina. >> they handle rescues on the ground and we started our day in leesburg just back from four days in south carolina who took
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to the skies, helping track the floodwaters as they rose. in a designated civil air patrol plane like this they spent four days in the skies above a storm-soaked south carolina. >> flood stages and we're going up a foot a day or two feet a day. >> he served as mission observer helping a pilot navigate a private airspace and alerting bob miller, the photographer. >> the airborne photographer is focused on getting a great picture. it really takes getting the airplane in the right place to do that. >> this is my first real mission and it was pretty staggering. >> these are some of the photos the crew gathered and 18 hours in the air. the pictures help officials on the ground track the floodwaters. >> you have water up to roofs of buildings and when the water was still moving fairly quickly, you could see it.
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it wasn't like it's deep and still. while focused its civil air patrol members could help, but wonder about the folks below them. >> that's where americans of the task task force one stepped in. members of the task force 1 have arrived back home and they're reuniting with family in the chantilly warehouse and share with you stories and images from their mission. also we want to point you to nbc washington app. if you want to see more of those incredible aerial pictures just search air patrol. in chantilly, i'm david culver, news 4. >> a smoky haze hovered today over hyattsville. fire fight hers thick smoke to deal with when they arrived on the scene. no reports of any injuries. >> checking in now with storm team 4 and chief meteorologist
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doug kammerer and doug, it's starting to look and feel like fall out there. >> you've got that right, guys. waking up with cool numbers this morning and some of you in the 30s in the first time and take a look at the overnight low temperatu temperatures, and 39 toward kull pepper and frederick at 43, but that was 37 yesterday morning. so some very cold air the last couple of days and it's burden quite chilly to start off and plenty of nicely. >> over the next few thais and we're talking about schilly hair making time for the weekend and chelly by the weekend and some areas may see their first freeze by the season. >> jacket, bienen is expected to return, hours before the first
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presidential debate. it is possible he could squeeze out a spot on the podium and the stage won't be as crowded as the republican venue. so far it will feature hillary clinton, bernie sanders and former maryland governor, martin o'malley. peter alexander will have an update on what to expect from the candidates. >> an annual ceremony celebrating christopher columbus drew a few protesters outside union station today, but as tom sherwood reports, even supporters of the columbus day holiday recognize the short comings. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: music is a big part of the annual columbus day ceremony. it's held each year at the columbus statue of 1912 that stands just outside of union station. ♪ ♪ >> today's events were led by the knights of columbus, a national catholic social group that sponsors recognition of
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columbus. the italian embassy presented one of dozens of wreaths to honor the 19492 explorer that opened it up to european settlements. >> the founding of our nation and founding of the new world with christopher columbus. >> reporter: today as in other years, was there a small protest of those objecting to praise for an explorer that e mroited as much as he explored. >> just trying to raise awareness of the other side of the conversation that's often left out. >> i'm no expert on the topic, but i feel that columbus day as a federal holiday is misplaced. >> even the ceremony itself acknowledged the downside of the columbus explorations. >> and as we pay tribute to the ways that columbus pursued vicious goals, we often recognize suffering inflicted on native americans. >> only about half of the states
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recognize the federal columbus day as the state holiday and some jurisdictions have honored native americans. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. an 8 on-year-old man, the emotional statement from this man's hatch gs and the new law designed to bring down the name of washington's professional football team. >> big news breaking on blood pressure. the one thing researche want yo
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here are the stories we're working right now at 5:15. southwest airlines returning to normal operations after computer trouble causing major flight delays across the country. what the company is revealing about the weekend glitch. millions of social security recipients won't be able to put extra cash in the bank this year. why the government is refusing to raise benefits. i'm jason pugh in ashburn. going toe to toe-with one of the best teams in the nfl is not for the redskins anymore. i'll explain the new mind set coming up. strong comments from the man of a missing prince george's county man found dead in a
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maryland park. >> lubin phipps disappeared from an outing. a long search just ended in tragedy. news 4's tracee wilkins is in largo where phipps' family want answers. >> reporter: the police department is calling this a death investigation and they are looking into what happened here, but the phipps' family and their attorney are calling it a homicide, very strong words. they just wrapped up a press conference explaining their perspective on all of this. they say that mr. phipps' assisted care facility was much more than negligent. >> how did this happen? >> reporter: today the family of 80-year-old lubin phipps called out their father's assisted living facility and implicated in his death. >> we trusted woodmore assisted living with our father and we had hoped that they would keep him safe and they would provide good care and it's obvious that
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that didn't happen. >> reporter: phipps was a resident in upper marlboro. he suffered with dementia. he was on an outing with the facility three weeks ago when according to his family he asked to use the restroom and was not seen again. >> the results speak for themselves and the proof was in the pudding. whatever was done was done ineffectively. >> reporter: yesterday afternoon his body was found in the park just outside the search area. the family says he was taken on that trip without their knowledge. >> the family was never notified beforehan that mr. phipps was going to be leaving the confines of the facility where he was. >> phipps had been with the assisted living facility for more than five years, soon after moving to maryland from the virgin islands and his family wanted to have 24-hour care and consistent interaction and the facility refused to comment. >> it was in close proximity to our home and it was a new facility and the staff appeared
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to be very friendly and caring. >> reporter: the family wants criminal charges fileded. it will be based on what the prince george's county police department finds on this investigation. coming up on news 4 at 5k clo, we went to the woodmore assisted living facility for comment. we'll show you what happened when we got there. reporting live in buoy, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you all in the studio. >> southwest airlines says the computer glitch that caused massive delays is now fixed, but there were still long lines at many airports earlier today and the airline had told passengers to show up two hours early today and print their boarding passes ahead of time and it impacted the southwest airline's website, mobile app and computerized check-in system. in some cases lines stretched for hours and the airline says hackers were not to blame. it was a heartbreaking overtime loss to the redskins so this day after are we talking
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moral victory or disappointment in letting one slip away. jason pugh is live in redskins park. jason? >> i have to make one thing perfectly clear, the redskins are not happy or satisfied just because they performed well yesterday. this thing knows they let a win slip away in atlanta. in years past this squad might have been happy with performing well against a really good team and that's not the case anymore. the redskins certainly had their chance it and it was a hard-fought gam and they sent it to overtime and in o.t., kurt cousins threw this interception and he returns it for the score and that was your game winner and today head coach jay gruden talked about his team's frustration with the loss. >> you should never get used to losing and it should hurt more the next time after the next time and our guys are starting to feel that and they understand the work they are putting here
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and the effort they're putting on the field and when you get maximum effort on the field and you don't get rewarded with the victory it hurts. we have enough good players to win games on the road against good teams and good opponents and they were a good team and good opponent, well, coach, we just didn't get it done. >> the skins will turn their attention to the new york jets and coming up later on news 4 at 6:00, that interception you saw from kirk cousins, he talked about how he's showing improvement despite that turnover. that's coming up a bit later from ashburn. i'm jason pugh, news 4 sports. >> thanks so much. we'll see you at 6:00. a group opposed to the redskins name is praising a new law in california tonight. governor jerry brown signed a bill that bans public schools from using redskins as a team name or mascot. the law goes into effect in 2017 and only affects four schools with that team name, but supporters of an effort that forced washington's team to
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change its name they say california has set an example that owner dan snyder should follow. if your kids love sports and they'll love a brand new athletic complex this afternoon being dedicated in prince william county and there was a ground breaking there afternoon and the facility is being named and honored of soccer star ali krieger. it will have soccer, softball and little league. construction is expected to start next spring. we're still working several developing stories. a local father of three killed in an awful motorcycle crash. news 4 just spoke with the family and friends of the victim and they have a message for drivers. >> why prosecutors are refusing to charge the american dentist who killed cecil the lion. and a couple of things you'll need the next few days and maybe an umbrella and maybe the coat, not the jacket. the coat, we'll t
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it's a slow recovery from those devastating floods in south carolina, but a sign of progress today. the 13-mile stretch of i-95 closed since last week is now open in the southbound direction. the northbound lanes are still closed because of repairs being made to 13 interstate bridges. they could reopen by tomorrow.
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hundreds of other roads remain closed, and a boil water advisory still in effect for hundreds of thousands of people. doug, things finally drying out there and looking good here, too. >> looking really good, jim. as far as rain, we only have one day that has a chance of rain and most of us won't see any. we'll have a very dry and a very cool weather pattern that's about to set up and right now it is anything, but cool and a nice afternoon and a good day and look at this guy, perfect day for boating out on the potomac. plenty of sunshine and 73 degrees and winds out of the south at 13 miles per hour and the southerly wind always helps to warm things up throughout our region. 75 in frederick and 77 in leesburg and 74 in culpeper, charlottesville at 76 degrees and a very cool start to the day and we have warmed very nicely with dry air and lots of sunshine. no rain across the area now, and i do expect most of the night
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will be dry, too, but back to the west we're watching a storm system and notice, nothing around the region and here is the storm. look at that, look at that nice comma shape here and you can see the area of low pressure spinning through the great lakes and it's a very compact and intense area of low pressure and look at the front. it does have showers and thunderstorms associated with it. >> what are we going to see? >> let's show you the future weather. we'll take you hour by hour and here's the cloud cover and a few light showers or sprinkles at this time and same deal around 9:00 and more clouds than anything else and we will see a couple of showers. around noon, and maybe an isolated shower or two, and we're not talking all-day rain at all. most of us will stay dry tomorrow, but still a good idea to keep the umbrella handy. then we will need the coats and tomorrow morning waking up and temperatures are much more mild. 55 in leesburg.
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so not cold at all overnight tonight and starting off tomorrow morning and 58 degrees at the bus stop and take the umbrella if you think about heading there and temperatures around 75 degrees and a nice tuesday for the most part, but as we move toward wednesday and thursday, look at the highs. 68 on wednesday and 69 on thursday and overnight lows on thursday, upper 30s, low 40s and then this weekend we're not just seeing chilly. we're seeing cold. wait until you see the weekend numbers and veronica has the weekend forecast for you include something areas that could get down close to freezing this weekend. >> all right. >> right now a protest getting under way at police headquarters. >> we've got the details on an officer, his former k-9 and the controversy that has people weighing in from all over the country. >> run, hide, fight. we talk to the university of maryland police chief about the active shooter plan. developing now, new
5:28 pm
recommendations tonight just released when it comes to monitoring your blood pressure. >> i'm mark segraves. the day after a fatal motorcycle accident why the family is speaking out. >> i don't want any family to >> i don't want any family to ever experience my favorite. bad news. the johnsonville factory burned down brian. it's terrible. well if you can't serve tasty sausage why are we even a family? i may as well move out. well, if that's what yo... you're right. i'll stay.
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and tomorrow we're going to help johnsonville rebuild that factory. i'll take dinner in my room, with chocolate milk. make pasta tastier with johnsonville italian sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ geico for your boat. see how much you could save. right now at 5:30, new recommendations just released when it comes to your blood pressure. what's the one thing researchers
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say you should be doing at home. millions of people who get social security benefits may not get their annual increase and why you could blame low gas prices for that. >> first at 5:30, a bethesda family is urging drivers to be more aware of motorcycles out on our roads. >> they don't want other families to go through what they experienced yesterday. >> a father was three was killed while riding his motorcycle on lone oak drive. our mark segraves spoke to his children. >> he was the most loving father i knew. he cared for everyone, each if he didn't know you. >> gary seward was riding his motorcycle down old georgetown road university afternoon. an 85-year-old woman driving in the opposite direction was making a lefthand turn here when the two collided. seward died later at a local hospital. today his family is still coming
5:32 pm
to grips with their loss, but they want all of us to learn something from their tragedy about motorcycle safety. >> be cautious of your surroundings. share the road. don't tail gate them. they are safe drivers. >> as for seward's three children, one of the things they say they'll remember most about their dad is his laugh. >> i hear his laugh in my head still, i can't sleep at night because i hear him. he won't shut up. that's in true gary seward form. >> the police are still investigating this accident and coming up at 6:00, you'll hear from montgomery county police on what they need to learn before anyone could possibly be charged in this case. in bethesda, mark segraves, news 4. >> right now, a protest is set to get under way outside of an awards ceremony for montgomery county's police chief. the protesters want chief tom major to return a retired police
5:33 pm
dog to its former officer. there is an online petition that his more than 200,000 signatures on it. the officer worked with chip for four years. the department won't tell him where the dog is, chip is with a k-9 rescue group, but they won't name the group and he's receiving a peacemaker of the year award. the quest for a perfect picture may have cost a man his life. he fell to his death while hiking on smith mountain state park in annapolis. police tell us alexei was jumping from rock to rock on the appalachian trail. he lost his balance and fell about 35 feet. people nearby tried to help him, but he died on the scene. the victim is from the united kingdom. for the first time, more people are dying from drugs in virginia than from car crashes. there are more than 725 overdoses in 2014, while 700 people died on virginia roads. just five years ago, 500 people
5:34 pm
died from drugs in virginia compared to 750 deaths as a result of traffic crashes. >> he blames the change on a rise in heroin and prescription drug abuse. the state has been launching several initiatives aimed at attacking the epidemic. >> turning now to the race to the white house and the first prime time debate for the first democratic presidential contenders. peter alexander has more on what hillary clinton, bernie sanders and martin o'malley need to show the voters tonight and tomorrow. >> it's a hot one here in sin city, las vegas and it could get heated on that debate stage, and six democratic presidential classes and this is the first and hillary clinton is the only candidate on stage who has ever been in one of these presidential debates before. according to david axelrod, the former adviser to president barack obama, they have several challenges they face and that is to be real for bernie sanders,
5:35 pm
it's to be human and for martin o'malley, the former governor of maryland to be relevant, specifically on clinton. she's faced accusations that she's a flip-flopper and the partisan sniping has taken some of the wind out of benghazi house committee's sail. hillary clinton is still leading in the polls and most recently polls show her in leading in critical battlegrounds of south carolina and nevada, as well. if we don't put joe biden in the state of south carol killer's race. clinton leads her closest follower 70% to 20%. you wait and see what happens on stage. back to you. >> peter alexander. >> time is running out for vice president joe biden to make a decision about running. for more on what he needs to do to get up to speed, head over to nbc washington and search debate. >> the cdc says now is the time when the flu virus starts to spread and doctors say they're getting cases in the office. last year's vaccine was only 20%
5:36 pm
effective against two strains of the flu that made so many people sick. this time around there is a quad vaccine that the cdc can protect against four different strains and supplies are not an issue. you could be vaccinated at any point of the season and however the best timing is before the season begins or as early as possible into flu season. >> now, one thing to keep in mind when you get your flu vaccine is it still takes a couple of weaks for you to build up antibodies in your system. >> millions of americans on social security can expect no increase in benefits last year and there will be no higher checks for disabled veterans and retirees. blame low prices at the gas pump and the cost of living adjustment is based on inflation which is dragged down by fuel costs. for a closer look at this story, go to our nbc washington facebook page. man making a difference in
5:37 pm
the classroom. a local school district's tribute to fine role models. while college campuses is dealing with the potential active shooter threats and one local university
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right now workers are trying to clean a controversial staff
5:40 pm
you in frederick, maryland, after it was hit by vandals. according to the frederick news post, the mayor has been helping to wash off red paint. the bust of roger brook tawny was found defaced on sunday. tawny was a supreme court justice from frederick. he's the one who wrote the dred scott decision affirming slavery. in 1492, columbus sailed the ocean blue. perhaps you know that poem from your childhood, but these days there's a lot of debate over the legacy of the italian explorer and whether columbus day should be a holiday, at all. the pugh research center says it's one of the most inconsistently celebrated holidays around. it's recognized as a paid day off and just 23 states and here in d.c. colorado was the first state to designate it a state holiday nearly a hundred years ago. it was a way to celebrate italian-american heritage and others say celebrating columbus is wrong because of how he treated native americans. south dakota was the first state
5:41 pm
to rededicate the day to honor indigenous people. and several big cities have since joined that movement. the 17 american sailors aboard the uss cole are being remembered as the trial continues for the accused bomber. family and friends of victims gathered at the "uss cole" memorial. bells tolled and sailors laid wreaths. the cole came under attack in 2000 in yemen. some victims' families say the u.s. should have taken more secure measures after the bombing. they say it might have prevented 9/11. >> an emotional return for pripers of war once held captive in japan. nine former p.o.w.s returned to japan to attend a memorial service for fallen world war ii soldiers. it is aimed at reconciliation. the japanese took more than 30,000 allied forces prisoners
5:42 pm
during world war ii and they were put across camps in japan, china and other parts of asia. >> prepairing for a shooter. a local university says students can do three things to make a difference in a life or death situation. >> researchers reveal an important new study when it comes to your blood pressure and they recommend you do one thing, one thing at home. >> get ready, you're going to need your umbrella tomorrow and then just a few days after, your coat. that's right. i'll give you the timing of both when we get that early taste of
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
. there is a stepped-up bless presence in umpqua community college. students there returned to class today for the first time since
5:45 pm
the mass shooting left nine classmates dead. 11 days ago a former student opened fire and he later took his own life. even though the threat is over it will be quite some time before many of the students and community recover emotionally from the tragedy. >> this isur community. and it doesn't happen here. it's not supposed to. >> counselors will be on hand at the school for the rest of the year to offer grief support. >> police say they've released two men seen running from a deadly shooting at texas southern university. investigators are still looking for a third person. officers detained the pair last friday after someone shot and killed an 18-year-old freshman in a student housing complex parking lot. another victim is still in the hospital and is said to be in stable condition. >> the university of maryland wants students to have a plan in case a similar tragedy hits their school. >> they sent a note to students following a recent shooting.
5:46 pm
chris is live with the safety message. are students there prepared and do they feel they are? >> the university of maryland police train along prince george's county police and prepare for the scenario of an active shooter. something no one ever wants to see here, but with the recent mass shootings in oregon, arizona and texas, they know that they have to be ready. students here get emergency alerts in their cell phones. they're urged to report anything suspicious. >> they keep us updated and they send us alerts. so if anything happens we're aware of it. >> so you feel generally safe. >> yes. >> university of maryland police chief david mitchell sent out a security alert right after the mass shootings at the community college in oregon, warning that if you find yourself in the middle of an active shooter event, there are three things you can do to make a dinse. run, hide, fight. >> we want you to run away, if you can, to a secure location as
5:47 pm
you call 911 and inform authorities. hide, if you can and if all else fails, you don't have any other choice, you have to fight for your life. >> reporter: we asked students here if they think they can follow the chief's advice. >> you're supposed to run and hide first, but if you had to fight. >> yeah, for sure. for your life, yes. >> you would fight. >> that's the last option, yeah. >> many other students said they would have difficulty fighting the chief's advice to fight for survival. >> no, i don't think i would, actually. if it came to that situation i would just do as they say. >> it's realistic given the circumstances and it's all going to depend on just what is happening at that moment in time. >> reporter: ahead, we will take you on a ridealong with the university of maryland police officer who has actually responded to an emergency call
5:48 pm
of a gunman holding a woman hostage in a school building and he'll tell us how he was trained for just such an emergency and that's ahead on news 4 at 6 clk. >> we're live tonight at the university of maryland and college park. chris gordon, news 4. >> now your storm team 4 forecast. >> there say storm going on in my head and others, too. i'm convinced it's pollen or mold. >> so the ragweed and mold count are both in the low to moderate range and it's high enough that the mole count has been fairly persistent and you spent most of the weekend outdoors, right? >> around lees. and a lot of folks wanted to get out and it was such a nice weekend to enjoy the fall color. >> not quite as pretty as pat's dress today and look at that color, this is in the high spots of west virginia and 4,000 feet and this one sent in from paul roddy. we want to see your gorgeous pictures and remember to
5:49 pm
download our nbc washington app, send us your pics and you can do that right there in the app. look at the fall color that we have going on in d.c. we're seeing some color right now. moderate color through western maryland. some of the higher spots of west virginia and moderate to even high color as you saw. make sure you download the nbc washington app. your evening temperature, by the time we get to 10:00 to 11:00, our temps will be dropping to the 50s, quite as low as we were early this morning and that's because clouds will be after midnight and we'll have some rain around the area tomorrow so make sure you pack the umbrella and dress accordingly. we're not going to need the galoshes because we're not going to get that kind of rain. as a matter of fact, just the small umbrella needed for tomorrow. here's a look at the temperatures throughout the area and some of the cool, low 50s to the upper 50s. again, not too cold starting out and that will change, though, with the second system that moves through this week.
5:50 pm
for areas, early 8:00 a.m. and you can see just cloud cover and the best chance of rain is through mid-afternoon and we're not going to see very much at all coming into the area. just showers expected for your morning or afternoon. y is we don't expect conditions in area road, and i think we get to 75 degrees, barely 60 degrees as's high temperature and we'll be talking about where we can see the 30s for sunday morning at 6:00, guys? >> new information tonight for people with high blood pressure. doreen gentzler joins us now with recommendations on how people should be keeping track of this condition, doreen? >> it's a pretty common condition. nearly one in three of us has high blood pressure, making it a leading cause of death in this country. that's because if it's not
5:51 pm
treated high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke and kidney failure, too. well, now a government panel of doctors are saying it's more important than ever to deep track of your blood pressure and that means even when you're at home. typically, it's part of any visit to the doctor. they check your height, weight and temperature and your blood pressure, but now health experts say those blood pressure readings might not be a very good indicator of how well a patient is doing. it's something they're calling white coat hypertension, that rise in blood pressure when you're at the doctor's office and feeling anxious. >> people are just unhappy seeing the doctor. they might be a little nervous. they might have had some caffeine. they might be rushing around and na may be in pain. >> so to fight white coat hypertension, the u.s. preventive sorries task force has updaylighted their recommendatio recommendatio recommendations. they shouldn't rely on getting screened at the doctor's office and they should do what's called
5:52 pm
ambulatory screenings, monitored after the 24 to 48 hours and using blood pressure cuffs so they can do it on their own time in a less stressful setting and that's not hard. those blood pressure monitors, the cost of them has gotten much more reasonable and easy to do at home. studies have found 15% to 30% of people diagnosed with blood pressure could actually have high coat hypertension, but don't make any changes to how you're treating and monitoring your hypertension before you talk to your own physician. jim? >> all right. great advice. thanks, doreen. >> an investigation into possible cheating on those daily fantasy sports sites hasn't led to a lack of interest from players. this weekend the sites fan duel and draft king his their most profitable week, attracting, get this, a record.4 milli 7.4 mill.
5:53 pm
a draft employee used inside information from fan duel to win $350,000. by the way, comcast, the parent company of nbc universal has invested in fan duel. >> the american dentist who killed that famous lion in zimbabwe won't face criminal charges there. today a cabinet minister announced that walter palmer had obtained the legal authority to hunt the lion known as cecil. cecil was killed with a bow and arrow this past july. his death sparked a global outrage and forced palmer into hiding for a while. two others are accused of using the lion out of its habitat. a major tech company is joining a growing number of firms offering up unlimited vacation time. linkedin now has a new vacation policy. they call it dto or discretionary time off. it means there's no longer a minimum or maximum amount of
5:54 pm
time that you can take in a year. the company's vice president says it is now focusing on results and empowerment, not on hours worked. several other companies including netflix, virgin and groupon have a similar vacation policy. >> fathers, features, role molds, men are making a difference in local schools and bonn district is honoring them in a special way. >> all new at 6:00, it's illegal to sell, but that's not stopping some stores. only on news 4, the incredible length some businesses are
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5:57 pm
a hunting guide in maryland is shot dead and police think it may all be a tragic accident. >> marvin copick was shot as he was teaching how to hunt on saturday. it took part in henderson near highway 313 in queen ann's county. he was hit by a shotgun blast. no charges have been filed and the teenager's name hasn't been released. prince george's county schools hopes special guests in the classroom will inspire students for years to come. >> a group of male role models took part in men make a difference day and what it hopes to achieve.
5:58 pm
>> it is all about choices. >> reporter: they're not teachers, at least not the kind with certificates that spend the days at blackboards and overhead projectors and they are steeped in the curricula of life and reality and in that sense they have important lessons to impart and that's how these men can make a difference. >> this is just the beginning of something that we're going to continue for the rest of the year. men making a difference. >> this is one thing we're going to do. we're going to respect each other. >> reporter: for the last four years, prince george's public school system have called on men to offer guidance and to stand an examples for day to students from traditional homes and nontraditional, as well. >> it's 2015. things don't go the way they did when i was in high school and just to have these men here, just to impart into some of these males' lives i think it's very good and it's very positive. >> reporter: what's going on behind these doors is a work in progress. they've been doing it for four years and the program's evolved since it started.
5:59 pm
>> we focused on the male students and this year we focussed on the the female students as well and it's important to see the influence of the males. >> we might not reach everybody, but i'm sure there will be a few that will be touched by this. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. >> great program. >> great story. news 4 at 6:00 starts now with jim and doreen. i'm steve handlesman in las vegas. presidential candidates are keeping the cards close to their vests ahead of the democratic debate here. what you can expect and where virginiaet vo voters might be leading. the body of a man was discovered in a local park while he was missing for three weeks under the watch an assisted living facility. a young woman was sexually assaulted by a man she thought was an uber driver and this sort of mistake happens more often than you might think.
6:00 pm
first tonight, there are new questions for the operators of an assisted living facility. those questions come after an elderly man with dementia went missing and was found dead. >> the 80-year-old disappeared during a field trip to a park more than three weeks ago. tracee wilkins is in bu we strong words from the victim's family. tracy? >> prince george's county police are calling this a death investigation that is just beginning, but the family and the family's attorney, they're calling it a homicide. >> can't be characterized as anything else, but a homicide. >> the attorney for the family of lubin phipps says the woodmore assisted living facility is responsible for the death of the 80 twroeld man whose body was found in a park some three weeks after his disappearance. >> if those who were responsible for mr. phipps in taking care of him failed in their duty then an


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